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It has been around for 150 years but now it is experiencing a renaissance: tube mail. Since we have been able to send messages  electronically, the classic transport via tube  can no longer compete in terms of speed – but it still offers a shorter and quicker way of transporting physical samples and goods.

You can use our spontaneous and planned transport systems to send urgent samples and other physical goods from A to B in seconds (up to seven meters per second). Time-consuming portering services become a thing of the past, and you can free up your expensive staff  to perform their  real and important tasks.

Would you like to save time and money by ensuring that work is carried out more efficiently within your organisation? Welcome to the world of tube mail ­– welcome to Air-Log!

  • Rohrpostlösungen von Air-Log in der Chemie
  • Kassenrohrpost-Systeme von Air-Log
  • Air-Log Rohrpostsysteme für Krankenhäuser
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